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Custom Helmet Painting


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Introduction to Helmet Painting
Custom Helmet Painting
John H Glimmerveen Licensed to About.com

Restoring a classic motorcycle often includes repainting the chassis or panels. But the owners often want to go further with the appearance of both the bike and riding gear.

Personalizing riding gear by painting helmets or adding studs to a leather jacket, for instance, is something motorcyclists have done since the very beginning. But both of these examples need skill and patience. The good news is that the home mechanic with access to basic painting equipment (a , spray gun, air brush, and an angle sander/polisher) can transform a standard helmet into a custom designed unit.

New helmets come in a variety of styles and paint finishes, and of course prices. But a plain white or black helmet will be less expensive and a good starting point for a custom paint job. However, see safety note below.

Safety Note:

It is very important to check with the helmet manufacturer and paint supplier to ensure that the chemicals you intend to use are compatible with the helmet's base material.

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