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For many classic bike owners, the pleasure of ownership is not simply about riding. Servicing, repairing, or simple maintenance work adds greatly to the experience of classic bike ownership.
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Servicing a classic motorcycle is essential. Most classics have been around for a long time, and keeping them in good condition with regular oil and filter changes, for example, will keep them running for years to come.


As a classic owner becomes more familiar with servicing his motorcycle, he will often times undertake more extensive and challenging repairs.


Tuning a classic motorcycle can refer to something as simple as setting the carb idle screw, or as extensive as race tuning. But for many classic bike enthusiasts, improving the performance of their motorcycle is a must-do.


Classic motorcycles, particularly older ones, need regular maintenance. The component parts were not designed to last for as long as some of the bikes have. Everything from seat covers to the inside of the fuel tank will need attention at some time to maintain them in working condition.

Technical Tips

Motorcycle mechanics learn many little tricks as they regularly work on motorcycles making service, repair and maintenance easier for the rest of us.

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