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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics – Basics to Advanced


Classic Motorcycle Mechanics – Basics to Advanced
Harry Klemm groupk.com

After rebuilding an engine, there is no better sound than to hear it start at the first kick (or touch of a button). But for all mechanics, learning how to undertake mechanical work must be done in stages; it starts with basic jobs and progresses, as the knowledge base increases to more challenging work.

There is no set learning path for most home mechanics. Often, their knowledge increases with the necessity to undertake repairs or maintenance: from changing a dirty spark plug, through a full service to carb cleaning, for instance.

However, the complexity of mechanical work can be seen in the following lists. The order gives an idea of the knowledge required; and the list progresses from the easy to complex. Needless to say, as the complexity of work increases, so too does the amount and quality of tools required.

Basic Mechanical Work

General Service and Repairs

In-depth Mechanical/Electrical Work

Complex Work

Although this list is not definitive, the classic bike owner can judge his or her competence level and decide which jobs they would feel comfortable undertaking.

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