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Take Seperate Photographs of Sytems and Assemblies



Professional restorers will take many photographs before, during and after a restoration. This framed photograph is of an Honda RC161 engine used in the Barber Museum's workshop.

John H Glimmerveen Licensed to About.com

Take detailed photos of every system and major assembly:

  • The frame
  • Wheels
  • Seat
  • Handlebars and instruments
  • Brake pedals and levers
  • Fuel system: Tank, carbs, lines, routing
  • Ignition system: coils, leads, distributor
  • Electrical system: all switches, lights, charging, battery, harness
  • Chain and adjusters
  • Exhaust system

When all of the above items have been photographed with the bike assembled (assuming it was bought that way), additional photographs will be needed as each and every component is removed from the bike.

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