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There are many facets of classic motorcycles, from the bikes themselves to they joy of riding. Some classic bike owners are interested only in collecting and restoring, while others use bikes as daily transport. Still others enjoy the thrill of racing them.
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Types of Classics

Classic motorcycles come in all types and sizes, from 50cc commuters to 200 mph superbikes. Between these two extremes, there are many different categories, but the majority of machines will fit into one of the following.


Photographs of classic motorcycles have been featured on the front cover of many magazines (not just motorcycle magazines) for their aesthetic appeal. From the beautiful lines of an Italian Ducati to the mean street look of a cafe racer, classic motorcycles are very photogenic.


From the very beginning of motorcycling, men and women have raced. From wooden oval tracks in the US to the Isle of Man in the UK, all types of venues have been used in competition.

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