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Owning a classic motorcycle opens up many opportunities to become involved. Whether it's helping a club member to restore a rare model, or enjoying a club run for mopeds, there is much to enjoy.
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Classic motorcycle clubs are the center for many classic owners. Besides offering help and advice, joining a club will introduce the owner to the many possibilities of using a classic.


Many classic bike owners like to show off their pride and joy. Enthusiasts from all over the world gather at shows to view the many and varied examples on display. Prizes are often awarded for categories such as: Concours d'Elegance, best Italian, best British...


Getting together - meeting - with like minded enthusiasts something classic bike owners have always done. From meetings in pubs and cafes, many new clubs, rallies and runs are planned.


There are many aspects to buying a classic motorcycle. From selecting a suitable bike to estimating its value, the buying process must be approached carefully.


Not all classics are worth a fortune. Knowing the value of your classic before offering it for sale is obviously very important, but so, too, is the condition.


Classic bikes are collected by enthusiasts all over the world. The reason individuals collect bikes is as varied as the bikes themselves.


Some of the larger collections of classic motorcycles have been turned into museums. Sharing their love of the bikes, many museum owners are happy to talk about the many bikes to visitors.

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