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The Old Mill Museum


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Old Harley's and Much More
The Old Mill Museum

The Old Mill Museum viewed from the Whistle Stop Cafe's car park.

John H Glimmerveen Licensed to About.com

The owner of the Old Mill Museum, Les White, is a classic motorcycle enthusiast in general, and a classic Harley Davidson collector in particular. When his private collection of motorcycles got too big, he decided it was time to look for a bigger/better location to house them all.

The perfect solution presented itself with the old grain mill in Juliette. It had been empty for some time when Les bought it. He knew the building well, having been raised in nearby Macon. "I used to come here as a kid," recalls Les. With its multi story configuration (seven in all), the former mill is an ideal building for a museum.

Visitors to the museum will be struck by the number of unrestored bikes; however, the majority of the bikes are running examples: something that Les often demonstrates during tours.

Purists and historians have long bemoaned the fully restored concept of classic bikes, and while the exhibits at this museum may not be as shiny, the authenticity and, to an extent, the value of the bikes has been maintained. For example, viewing the original Congo green paint on a 1949 HD FLH is rare (this color was only offered for one year).

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