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Choosing a Classic Motorcycle Club


Choosing a Classic Motorcycle Club

Classic clubs cater to all sorts of bikes. This is a 1977 Honda Team Hansen CJ360 Special.

John H. Glimmerveen

Classic bike owner clubs can be found all over the world. There are clubs for almost every type and every make of classic. In fact, you may own a classic that is eligible for membership in more than one club, like the Triumph Owners Club and the British Bike Club, for instance.

Dedicated Motorcycle Clubs

But what do you look for in a club? A lot of your choice has to do with your location. If you live in or near a major city, you're in luck! From London to New York, Paris to Melbourne, all large cities have at least one club dedicated to classic motorcycling.

What separates clubs is the member's interest. If you own a classic race bike, for instance, you may well be looking for a club that organizes races. On the other hand, you don't have to race a racer: you may be happy just to show it off. There are plenty of clubs for that, too.

Make it a Weekend Break

Many classic bike owners enjoy the chance to travel to shows or rallies. Many of the events are held in locations are ideal for a weekend break-places that offer historic sites and popular tourist attractions. If you intend to travel any distance to show your bike, however, you should be sure to review the basics of motorcycle transport first.

Besides rallies and shows, race events often attract many classic bike owners. The Barber Vintage Festival held in October at the Barber Motorsport Park is one example. At events like these, you will find clubs dedicated to a particular manufacturer (these are called owners' clubs) or a particular country (such as the Italian owners club). In addition to watching the racing, the clubs often organize a competition between members and their bikes: there are awards for longest distance traveled, most original example, and of course Concours d'Elegance, to name just a few.

Help With Restoring Your Classic Motorcycle

For a classic bike owner looking to restore a particular make or model, clubs are a must. Most members will be pretty knowledgeable about a particular model's history and where to find those elusive parts. Seeking advice at an early stage in a restoration project is advisable. Sometimes restoring a classic can be a lonely experience, full of hours alone in a work shop attending to details. Being a club member will bring many avenues for help and assistance.

Finding a suitable club in your area is as simple as consulting one of the many online search engines. Alternatively, your local motorcycle dealership will know what clubs operate in your area and whom to contact.

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