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Clubs & Community

Own a classic motorcycle? Find regular updates for where to find clubs, take a vacation ride, or visit displays and museums. Find some of the great touring rides.

Californian Road Trip on a Tiger 90

Motorcycle Jobs for Winter Time
Motorcycle Jobs for Winter Time

Classic Motorcycle Riding Learning to Ride a Sidecar
Throughout the history of the motorcycle, sidecars have been attached to most solos at one time or another. But learning to ride these machines takes a special skill set.

Classic Motorcycle Competition- Favorite Moment in Motorcycle Competition
Do you have a special motorcycle competition story? They say everybody gets fifteen minutes of fame at some point. Have you had a famous or a favorite moment in motorcycles?

Choosing a Classic Motorcycle Club
Classic motorcycle clubs are a must for new owners and enthusiasts. Clubs members can help with restoration tips, give advice on mechanical repairs, or just be there to swap stories.

Hot Weather Motorcycle Riding Gear
For classic motorcycle clubs, summer is the time for get-togethers, rallies and group riding. Unfortunately, if the weather is hot, riders are faced with age old dilemma: do I ride without protective gear to keep cool, or play it safe and get very hot? Putting clothing on during hot weather seems crazy. But for the classic motorcycle rider who...

Hot Weather Motorcycle Riding
Weather conditions can make all the difference to enjoying a motorcycle ride—or not. Few people venture out during the wintertime, depending on the climate, but spring and summer normally offer the best riding conditions for man and machine alike. However, in some climates (typically the southern states of the US) the weather can be too hot for...

Protecting the Bike During Hot Weather Riding
Weather conditions can make or break the fun of riding a classic motorcycle, since some classics can be temperamental during hot weather, it pays to prepare for these conditions.

Why Buy a Classic Motorcycle?
In general, motorcycles appeal to us because they represent all the things we like in life: freedom, individualism, power, thrills, and speed. Motorcycles just make us feel more alive. Classic motorcycles add a new dimension to owning a bike.

Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club
The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club was founded in 1977 as a not-for-profit 501c club. The club has a bi-monthly magazine which covers all areas of classic and vintage Japanese motorcycle ownership.

British Motorcycle Classic Club
Based in Boylston, MA, the club is dedicated to classic British motorcycles - British Iron. Although the club is British motorcycle based,any motorcycle make owner is welcome, as long as "you love British Iron!"

Riding Into History
The Riding Into History event supports various charities. Organized by the BMW Motorcycle Owners of Northeast Florida, the event attracts more than 300 classic bikes.

Ever owned a classic motorcycle that handled badly?
Ever ridden a classic motorcycle that handled badly? Tell us about your hair raising, white knuckled, eye popping… you get the picture. Share your riding experience (it’s OK, it’s part of the healing process) with other classic motorcycle riders. See submissions

The Old Mill Museum
Just across the railroad tracks from the Whistle Stop Café in Juliette Georgia is the Old Mill Museum. Owned and operated by Les White, the museum has a fine collection of rare (mostly unrestored) Harley Davidson’s.

Motorcycle Riding in Cold and Wet Weather
If you ride you classic motorcycle all year round, you will have experienced the very different grip levels available. But as the asphalt cools and moisture is seen on the surface for months on end, during the fall and winter, riding becomes much more hazardous.

Being Part of the Community
Classic motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy many different aspects of their hobby. The community of classic bike owners is rich with like minded motorcyclists. From specific clubs such as Italian or British bikes, to individual types such as Cafe Racers, the community is large and diverse.

Gifts for Classic Bike Riders
The giving and receiving of gifts is perfect for the classic bike enthusiasts. From books to tools, the possibilities are endless.

Isle of Man TT Racing
Steeped in history, the Isle of Man is renowned for its beaches, picturesque villages and mountains. But for classic bike enthusiasts, the little island in the Irish Sea is best known for its races, the TT races.

Classic Motorcycle Calender of Events
Classic motorcycle events take place all year round, all over the world. Making plans to visit a race, a swap meet or a museum is part of the pleasure of being involved with classic bikes.

Photography and the Classic Motorcycle
Although taking digital photographs is easy, planning an image before shooting will pay off in the long run. If you are taking photographs that may be used in print or digital media, for instance, or you want a top quality photograph to enlarge into a poster, there are some do’s and don’ts worth bearing in mind.

Adding Badges and Studs to Leather Jackets – Personalizing Your Jacket
Adding a personal touch to a leather motorcycle jacket is relatively easy. Planning the design carefully is a must as mistakes (typos in names or studs too close to an edge, for example) can be costly.

Classic Motorcycle Riding – Intermediate Level Riders
To enjoy riding a classic motorcycle to its fullest, a rider must consider all of the safety aspects. Besides having his machine in first class condition with regular maintenance, the rider should ride defensively as the road conditions demand.

Starting a Classic Motorcycle Club
Before starting a club, it is essential to research the legal requirements, if any exist for your type of organization. The legal requirements generally revolve around the status of the club and its tax reporting status.

Classic Motorcycle Quiz
Think you know all about classic motorcycles? Take the quiz and see.

Christmas Quiz for Classic Motorcycle Enthusiasts

An interview with David Robertson

Australian National Motorcycle Museum

Classic Motorcycles in 2013

Getting Started in Classic Motorcycles

US Road Trip on an Indian Chief

Motorcycles in Movies
If you asked a classic motorcycle enthusiast which movie featuring a motorcycles came to mind first, he or she would probably say On Any Sunday. Although not a movie per se, this classic biking documentary was backed by longtime motorcycle enthusiast Steve McQueen and is still shown around the world in motorcycle clubs today

I Bought a Classic Motorcycle, Now What?

Barber Vintage Festival 2013

Gifts for the Classic Motorcycle Rider

Christmas 2013 Quiz
Think you know all about classic motorcycles? Take our 2013 quiz to test your knowledge.

Book Review, Along for the Ride by Jim Scaysbrook

Brough Superior Today
Brough Superior motorcycles were renowned for their quality. Today, some 90 years after the first SS100s became available, a modern version is being produced. And just like its predecessor, the new bike is full of technical innovations. We take a closer look.

Problems Starting a Motorcycle After Storage

How Not to Crash a Motorcycle
Riding a motorcycle brings pleasure to many people, but riding is not without its dangers. Learning the limits of a particular machine will go a long way to avoiding crashes.

Classic Road Trip
Thinking of taking a classic motorcycle on a road trip? Smart riders know to plan for “just in case.”

Vintage Motorcycles Days 2014

Mods and Rockers and the Origin of Cafe Racers

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