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Classic Motorcycle Racing

Find information about classic bike racing and competition. Discover how to prepare a race bike, what it will cost you to race for a year, where to look for races.

Riding Vintage and Classic MX—Intermediate Level

Riding Vintage and Classic MX—The Basics

Motorcycle Riders’ Undersuits for Hot Weather Riding

Classic Motorcycle Competition- Favorite Moment in Motorcycle Competition
Do you have a special motorcycle competition story? They say everybody gets fifteen minutes of fame at some point. Have you had a famous or a favorite moment in motorcycles?

Prepping Bikes for Racing
Meticulous preparation is an enjoyable part of the racing process for most owners; checking or setting every component part is every bit as challenging as racing itself.

Costs of Racing Classic Motorcycles
All racing teams have to work within a budget. From an owner/rider of a classic bike to Moto GP rider, everyone has a limit to what they can spend. But how do you prepare a budget to race a classic bike? For the most part, a racing budget is much like a cash flow projection.

American Classic Racing Association
The American Classic Racing Association is the governing body for classic motorcycle competition in the US.

Classic Racing Motorcycle Club
The CRMC is the premier motorcycle racing club for classic racing in the United Kingdom.

AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days
The AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days event at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course is one of the biggest motorcycle racing events of the year.

Motorcycle Trials for Vintage and Classic Bikes
Motorcycle trials were one of the earliest forms of competition for motorcycles. The courses generally consist of a number of sections laid out on natural terrain. Each rider must complete the sections without stopping, or placing his feet on the ground.

Suzuki, 50 Years of Racing
The Suzuki company's involvement in international motorcycle racing was to promote their brand name; taking them from a little known company in...

Advanced Motorcycle Riding Tips
Advanced classic motorcycle riding is typically undertaken on a race track. However, taking to the race track for the first time can be a daunting experience. But with a planned approach, the experience will be rewarding and beneficial.

TT Quiz (Questions)
Think you know about the TT? Take our quiz and see.

Reed Valves
Description and definition of reed valves, and reed valve induction.

Motorcycle Final Drive Ratio Changing
Many classic motorcycle owners change their bike’s gear ratios. This is particularly true on racers, but it does apply to street bikes too.

125 Grand Prix Racing History
2011 will see the end of this era when the last race finishes at the Spanish track of Circuito de la Comunitat Valenciana. The 125-cc Grand Prix class will be missed by many, but rest assured, the little machines will be seen for years in classic racing.

How to Road Race Classic Sidecars
Learning to race a sidecar is not easy, especially if the race track has many different corners to master. The skills required are special to this branch of motorsport and bring much satisfaction to crews piloting them.

Classic Motorcycle Racing, TZ Yamahas
The TZ Yamahas have won more races than any other make or model put together, and for good reasons. As there are so many different models, a prospective buyer of a classic TZ, must do a lot of research before buying.

Classic Motorcycle Racing, High Performance 2-Strokes
Although the early 2-stroke race bikes were not easy to ride, they were, and still are, great fun to race. But before going onto a race track for the first time, the rider must do some research.

Bolt Identification

Tehuelche Motorcycles



Classic TT 2013

Restoring a Racing Motorcycle

One Make Race Series

Inspecting a Classic Racer
Buying any classic or vintage motorcycle must be done with care, on a racer many more items must be considered. A careful inspection, therefore, must be done.

Yamaha TD2, One Owner from New

Race Replica Classic Motorcycles

Classic TT 2013
The 2013 Classic TT was a first. Although there have been classic races during the regular TT, this was the first stand alone classic event, and it was a tremendous success!

Superbike Racing
Capturing the imagination of race fans in the US, superbike racing soon became a world wide formula. Today early superbikes are being raced again by classic enthusiasts.

Vintage or Classic Superbike Racing
If you are thinking of starting vintage or classic motorcycle racing, the superbike classes should be high on your list of bang for the buck.

Building a Classic Racing a Superbike
Not everyone has the skills to build a vintage or classic racing superbike, but for those who have, the results and enjoyment are plentiful.

Barber Vintage Festival 2013

Kawasaki Superbike

The Honda RC 161 Replica
Making a replica of any engineering piece is challenging. Making a replica of a factory racing motorcycle is especially challenging, but this is what the employees at the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Museum did when they built a replica Honda RC161.

Classic Motorcycle Racer Checks
Checking a motorcycle is important, it is especially important with a racer. Racing machines will be pushed to their performance limits and this subjects the collective parts to considerable stress and wear.

Book Review, Continental Circus, by Jan and Hetty Burgers and Frank Weeink.
Continental Circus - The Races and the Places, the People and the Faces, is a new book by photo journalists Jan and Hetty Burgers and journalist Frank Weeink. The book covers the early 70s of Grand Prix racing, F-750 and other international races with an in depth look at the riders, machines and circuits.

Book Review, Along for the Ride by Jim Scaysbrook

Building a Board Track Racer
Britney and Matt Olsen's 1923 Harley Davidson board track racer in detail.

Interview with Brittney Olsen

Motorcycle Development through Competition
Motorcycle competition in the early years was the R & D (research and development) of the motorcycle industry. Much of the technology seen today can be traced back to the board track racers in the US, or the reliability trials found in many countries.

Motorcycle Development through Competition
Many of the technological advances in the motorcycle engines can be traced back to the manufacturer's involvement in racing. Without the demands for increased performance to be competitive in racing, today's engines would be much less efficient.

Indian World Record
In the annals of motorcycle record setting, one man stands out for his sheer determination: Burt Monro. Monro managed to set world land speed records on a machine that started out with a top speed of 55 mph when new!

Classic 2-Stroke Racers
Chris Barton is a well-known British motorcycle racer. Since starting racing in 1977, Chris has ridden most of the popular 2-strokes on both road courses and many European race tracks.

Classic Suzuki Racer
Taking a stock T500 Suzuki twin from a garden (where it had stood for ten years), to 2nd place in a classic race at the Nürburgring is a major accomplishment, but that's what one Dutchman did.

Most enthusiasts in the US are familiar with Aermacchi Harley Davidsons, but before joining Harley, Aermacchi produced many classic motorcycles in their own right.

The AMCA (Amateur Motor Cycle Association)
MX riding in the UK was predominantly organized by the ACU (Auto Cycle Union), that is until the AMCA (Amateur Motor Cycle Association) found a useful formula to ensure lots of riders got a chance of winning.

Beautiful Racing Motorcycles, Form and Function in Harmony
The AJS Porcupine was a beautiful piece of engineering. Not only was this motorcycle good to look at, it holds the record for being the only twin-cylinder 4-stroke to win the 500-cc World Championship.

Ducati Motorcycles
From radio hardware production, to world superbike success, the Ducati story is unique.

Motorcycle Control Positions
The positioning of a motorcycles control levers are, for the most part, subject to the riders preference. However, there are some important points to consider when setting up the handlebars and levers.

Evil Handling Racers

Building a Manx Look-a-Like
The legendary Manx Nortons are becoming rare and expensive, so for one English owner, the only alternative was to build a look-a-like.

Vintage Motorcycles Days 2014

Motorcycle Mechanics
Removing and refitting motorcycle wheels is a relatively easy process as long as some basic guidelines are followed.

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