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Inspecting a Classic Motorcycle


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Before Traveling to Inspect a Bike

Be sure to ask all the right questions before leaving home. Imagine travelling 3000 miles to find your bike is a military model.

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Most classic motorcycles have one thing in common: typically, the component parts are worn. Indeed, most classic bike owners like to see signs of age and character when making a purchase. But there are some signs that indicate potential trouble. For enthusiasts thinking of buying their first classic, it is important to know what signs to look for.

Before spending time or travelling to inspect a bike, check with the owner to ensure he or she has the following documentation:

  • registration

  • receipts

  • bill of sale from a previous owner (ask if you can call the previous owner)

  • service/repair history

Engine and chassis numbers (VIN numbers) must match the documentation. Note: some manufacturers used the same number for both the frame and the engine, while some used different numbers.

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